Our Engineering Design & Constructions Project Management Services

We regularly work with clients operating in the energy sector as well as the production industry. If you are looking to have an efficient engineer work on your site planning/master planning requirements, you can rely on us at Adventek for the best experience.

Structural Engineering Design

Our Expertise High Rise Structures Design & Analysis, Industrial Structures Design & Analysis Services, Ship Deck Design and Drafting Services, Custom Homes Design & Analysis, Retrofitting & Rehabilitation of Existing Structures Finite Element Analysis and Modeling, Peer Review Services, Engineering Transcription Using Mathcad, Structural Design and Drafting Services, Structural Fabrication Drawing Services, Structural BIM Consulting and Design Services, Structural Modeling Support for a Concrete Supplying Client and many more

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Adventek is an industry leader when it comes to Construction Engineering Services and we have been delivering our top grade solutions to various clients in Norway and other parts of Europe. Contract administration Project controls Time and schedule management Cost and budget monitoring Communications Conflict resolution Construction inspection Documentation Correspondence Change order management Quality assurance for materials .

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Construction Materials Supply In Europe

Adventek is the leading construction materials supplier in Norway known for offering a wide range of construction materials for all kinds of building projects. We are Suppliers, Dealers, Wholesalers, Distributors, Traders, Retailers & also buyers/sellers in various building and construction materials online with multiple brands in Norway, Sweden and Entire Europe. Adventek Specialized in TMT Bars-Fe 500 Thermax Grade, TMT Bars-Fe 415, MS Plates, MS Pipes, Angles and Channel, GI corrugated, Precoated Sheet, Corrugated Sheet, AAC Blocks, Jointing Mortar, Sanitary / Bathroom Fittings & Accessories.

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Our Latest Work

Adventek Latest Engineering Projects Architectural, Structural, Mechanical, MEP/HVAC and Facade CAD and BIM samples.

Mechanical Design and 3D Modeling

MECHANICAL ROOM MODELING I Spool Drawings I General Assembly Drawing

Steel Fabrication and Erection

Steel Bridge, Steel Bailey Bridge, Prefabricated Steel Bridge, Steel Structure Bridge, Trusses And Steel Roof Framing,Commercial Steel Buildings, Light Weight Steel Building

3D Model and Steel Structure Shop Drawings

Structural Steel Detailing I Structural 3D Modeling I Shop / Fabrication Drawings (column, beam, brace, stair, handrail, ladders, etc)

What Clients Say

Really helpful team and dealing with all architectural services with experienced CAD experts. They are also equipped with BIM services upto LOD 600. Highly recommended.

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Rachel johnson
ABM BIM Solutions

Very impressed by both their responsiveness and awesome results taking a line Steel Structural to Material Supply Recommend!!!

Petrik Johnson
Velant Architecture

Adventek Provides the Best Engineering Solution with great team Effort.

Over the years, our experienced team of engineering professionals has taken up different kinds of advanced and complex projects relating to interior design, architecture, landscape architecture and urban design and has completed them with great precision. Specialized Engineering Services | Proposal Engineering Services | Detailed Engineering Services | Conversion of Point Cloud to 3D Modeling Services | 2D CAD Drafting Services | Skid Design Services | 3D Modeling Services

Adventek Engineering Partner Europe

Adventek is a highly versatile engineering company based in Norway with offices in Sweden, Denmark, and Portugal. Our team of engineers are skilled at handling various civil and architectural projects with ease. Whether it comes to planning and design for subdivisions or parks and recreational facilities, Adventek is efficient at all facets of urban development.

Contact Us

Novikveien 38 - 8800 Sandnessjøen, Norway. +315-543-5148 info@adventek.no

Our Core Services:

Specialized Engineering Services | Proposal Engineering Services | Detailed Engineering Services | Conversion of Point Cloud to 3D Modeling Services | 2D CAD Drafting Services | Skid Design Services | 3D Modeling Services

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